BMW Art Guide: Rubell Museum

Photography - Videography

In 2020, BMW enlisted us to shoot their upcoming Art Journey that was taking place in Miami. With the help of Joey Lico, BMW Group Culture features legendary street artist Alexis Diaz to speak about his beginnings in Puerto Rico, his process and technique, and many more. Alexis gives us a tour of his personal space where he creates and Joey shows us around the beautiful Rubell Museum located in right by Miamis Art District.

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Photography: Allenn Montilla

Directors: Kevin Arrieta & Andy Ryan Flores

Producer: Ivan Lanz

Lead Cam Operator: Juan Murillo

2nd Cam Operator: Jose Andrellado

Drone Operator: Andrew Creative

Color / Sound Design: Liam Reardon

Audio: Abraham \ The Guild

PA’s: Cristian Rivera & Edgar Ruiz